Utility Companies Asking Tri-Staters to Conserve Energy

LG&E, KU are among those asking residents to curtail energy use while staying warm.
Temperatures are slowly starting climb up, but just to the north of the Tri-State, thousands are still without power. It's taking more heat to stay warm. Power companies say it's important to conserve as much energy as possible.

"It's cold and we all want to stay warm."

We do what we do to stay warm. Turn the heater up, put window insulation kits on. David Ross stays warm by being a little cooler.

"It's set on 63 right now, and it keeps the house comfortable," he says. "It's a little chilly."

It's a small price to pay.

"It makes it a little inconvenient, but it's not bad at all," says Ross.

But he says it's to keep everyone else from paying a bigger price.

"I've decided to turn the thermostat down as it got colder and colder in the hopes that if I can cut back a little bit, it could keep power flowing through to everybody," Ross adds.

"Any time you overload a system, you tend to see problems," says Sonya Dixon of OMU.

Potential problems are reasons why utility companies are asking customers to cut back on their usage. LG&E and KU officials say they've hit record demand during the deep freeze. OMU officials say the added heaters can add to stress on the grid.

"Those are large power users," Dixon says of portable electric heaters. "So, you may be keeping your home warmer, but those are large power users. If you're using them, use them for brief periods of time and not extended periods of time."

To cut usage, OMU officials recommend lowering thermostats, reduce reliance on other heaters, and turning off unnecessary lights. Ross says these efforts keep him warm, and help everybody else keep doing what they're doing.

"Everybody's conscious of the energy right now, and how valuable it is," Ross adds. "It's important to keep energy  flowing to all of our homes at this time."

Energy Conservation tips from LG&E and KU: http://lge-ku.com/newsroom/archive2014/news_010714.asp
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