VCSO Deputies Serve Several Arrest Warrants

11th Annual Family Violence Apprehension Detail leads to the arrests of 11 people in Vanderburgh County.
Members of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office serve 21 arrest warrants on 11 people as part of the Annual National Family Violence Detail.

It's part of a bigger effort to raise awareness about the domestic violence in the community.
Deputies work simultaneously with agencies from all over the country to make the arrests. Officials say the sweep shows offenders they will be held accountable for their violent actions and/or their non-compliance with court orders.

Authorities started the sweep early Wednesday morning and served 21 arrest warrants on 11 people.

Here is a list of those arrested in Vanderburgh County:

Cory Hunter, 22 - Dealing Cocaine & Resisting Law Enforcement
Darius Staten, 41  - Contempt of Court-Habitual Offender
Gregory Schaefer, 23 - FTA: Domestic Battery
Elaundrea Majors, 42 - Federal Warrant-Possession of Cocaine
Torrence Meriwether, 56 - Non Support of a Dependent
Joseph Hooper, 33 - FTA: Domestic Battery & Criminal Mischief
Wayne Hartman, 23 - FTA: Battery & Minor Possession
Donald Monarch, 25 - FTA: Domestic Battery
Jeffrey Orth, 38 - FTA: Domestic Battery & Public Intox
Barbara Swalls, 42 - Forgery/Fraud & Resisting Law Enforcement
Shawn Gardner, 42 - Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

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