Vendors Trying to Keep Up with Big Demand at Fall Festival

Some vendors have run out of their big selling items, while others try to keep up.
The shutdown may not be behind the booths running out of food at the Fall Festival, it's the growing crowds. That's one of the challenges vendors are facing, how to keep the food coming while the crowds keep growing.

As the saying goes: the early bird gets the worm. Or in this case, the Puppy Chow, and the piggy toes.

"We've already sold out of our puppy chow," says Beth Magruder of the Vanderburgh Humane Society. "That's a popular item down here."

"Piggy toes are definitely popular in the booth and I think we've run out a couple times this week," says Brian Gries of Life Choices.

Vendors say one of the biggest challenge they face is keeping the favorites going just to keep the people coming back.

"When people are off work and they flood this place, it gets pretty busy and we really have to keep up on stocking our stuff," says Mark Speckhard, who's working the UE Sigma Alpha Epsilon booth.

"We have our booth workers and then our runners that go back and forth constantly," Gries says. "We go back every 30 minutes to an hour for chicken and dumplings and Piggy Toes."

Yet they also need the volunteers to make the goods for the guests to stay good.

"We have great volunteers that will take the Piggy Toes and bake them. We just try to make as many as we can, and satisfy demand," Gries says.

Some favorites may  be gone, but even those late birds can still enjoy what else is out there.

"We've got lemon shake, we've got fried green tomatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, really good," Magruder says.

One vendor says they use services like farm boy to keep supplies coming even if they run out at night.
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