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Weather Conditions Around The Nation Effecting Tristate Travelers

Weather Conditions Around The Nation Effecting Tristate Travelers
More than a foot of snow on the ground in Chicago, plays a major impact on travelers in the Tristate. Several flights in the area are either delayed or canceled. The windy city is the Evansville Regional Airport's main destination.

Around two hundred flights have been canceled at O' Hare Airport in Chicago, so of course that's playing an impact at the Evansville Regional Airport. Even the University of Evansville Men's Basketball team had to deal with a delay. They made it back to the area late in the evening, after spending an extra night in Iowa. Either way, it's mother nature that has the upper hand in situations like this.

They wait, and they wait, and they wait. Several flights to and from the Evansville Regional Airport are not taking off or landing anytime soon. "Hassle beyond a hassle." Margaret Rollins is trying to get to Florida. "We were getting ready to fly out, and our flight was delayed for a half hour, then canceled. Now, we are waiting since five a.m. to hit our five-thirty p.m. flight," Rollins says. She says it's been hours, but thankfully, she and her daughter have found some ways to pass the time.

"The conditions here in Evansville are not that bad, mainly what's effecting us, is the snowy weather in Chicago," says Dianna Page with the airport. Airport officials say nearly half of their flights are to and from, Chicago. The windy city is under nearly a foot snow.

"Chicago, not only for connecting, but as a main destination, is our number one area. It effects us in a big way when there's weather in Chicago," says Page. Flights continue to be delayed or canceled.

Kathy Kroeger says she's trying to get to Detroit. "Right now, over there, its says forty-three minutes delayed from here," says Kroeger. She joins the others playing the waiting game until the weather clears up. "I've just been texting my people back in Portland, so they don't' pick me up at the original time," adds Kroeger.

"As inconvenient as delays and cancellations are, we just kind of have to take those in stride," says Page. Still, these travelers are just ready to fly. "I just wanted to fly."

Airport officials say, in a few weeks they will be adding a flight tracking status to their website. The feature will help you see a plane on a map, as it's in the air, and until it lands. They believe this will help, especially, in events like this.

You can also register online to receive alerts for a quick update on any flight changes through Evansville Regional Airport.




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