Western KY Post Office Will Reduce Hours

An Ohio County, Kentucky town's post office will stay open.
An Ohio County, Kentucky town's post office will stay open.  A public meeting was held at the Fordsville Community Room to discuss the results of a survey that was sent out to the community.  But it's not all good news.  Even though residents won't lose their post office, the hours won't be the same.    

The future of the post office in Fordsville, Kentucky has been up in the air.  The U.S. Postal Service was considering closing the branch, and moving services to Whitesville, ten miles away in Daviess County.  But USPS officials said this post office will stay open but reduce its hours.  It will now be open six hours a day, Monday through Friday and Saturday hours will stay the same.

"I'm not happy with it, but if they will keep it open where the people who work during the day can still have access to it in the afternoon or in the morning, then that's something that is doable," M. Douglas Smith said.
Officials said a survey was mailed out a month ago, and 91% wanted to re-align the hours.  It's a changing environment.  The Postal Service said based on mail volume, its Lexington mail processing plant will close later this year.  It's another sign that operations are consolidating every where.        

"The old service is dying, it's the end of an age is what I call it and I hate to see what's going to happen the next five years because I think it's going to be devastating before it's all said and done," Ed Williams said. 

"I'm very concerned right now because they said, the lady said that it was in the red and we need to get it in the black," Smith said.
Fordsville resident and retired letter carrier, Ed Williams said without an identity of a post office, this small town wouldn't be the same.

"Any town you look at, once the post office or the bank goes, it's over with. It turns into a ghost town," Williams said.
Times are changing, and so are the hours.  But the people in Fordsville said it's better to have it this way, than nothing at all. 

Officials said the new hours will start in mid to late August.
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