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Winter Storm Plagues Interstate-64

Winter Storm Plagues Interstate-64
Many Tristate drivers return to the roadways as highways are starting to clear off. One particular stretch of roadway has Indiana State Police extremely concerned. Interstate 64 has officials asking drivers to use extreme caution.

Interstate 64 serves as one of the main gateways to the east and west. The roadway appears to look clear of ice and snow, but after today ISP puts the warning out that looks can be deceiving.

A few days after a winter mix of ice and snow caked Tristate roadways, the pavement in some places, seems nearly back to normal. Drivers return behind the wheel as some of the area's busiest highways become easier to travel, but that's not the case for one stretch of road. "You may have four or five miles of pavement, then all of a sudden have a stretch of ice and you're not prepared for that," says Indiana State Police Trooper, Robert Helfrich.

Since Thursday, Helfrich says around a hundred slide offs have occurred along Interstate-64. "Everybody is trying to get somewhere too fast. They need to slow down," Helfrich advises.

On just Sunday alone, troopers responded to around sixty incidents. State Police say the biggest problem area seems to be near

the fifty mile marker in Warrick County.

"One hill in particular, we had three or four slide offs in a one mile area," says Helfrich. Indiana Department of Transportation officials say crews continue to treat Interstate-64, but an area this busy, makes it hard to stay clear. "There's been so much traffic on it, it almost turns it into concrete. It turns it into a big, thick, chunk of ice," says Helfrich.

ISP says, another problem causing so many accidents today, drivers maintaining the Intestate's speed limit of 70 miles per hour. ISP officials warn it's still too dangerous to travel fast. "We have traffic moving anywhere between sixty-five, to eighty miles per hour, on ice and snow."



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