Better Weather Means Better Attendance for United Leasing Championship

Published 06/28 2013 11:19PM

Updated 06/28 2013 11:23PM

The United Leasing Championship is in full swing, and organizers say attendance at Victoria National is looking up.  Last year, attendance was hit by the heat.  But this year, the weather has changed, and so have the crowds.

It's a game drawing visitors from across the country.  Michael Chin traveled from southern California, to see his son play in the United Leasing Championship. 

"We were here last year and the course is totally different from last year because it was dryer and the fairway and greens were firmer, but this year, because of the rain, it kinda plays real soft and greens soft and fairways soft, so it's a little different golf course, but overall it's in great shape, and it's a beautiful golf course," Michael Chin said.

"Well it's the first one, tournament like this I've ever been too. Any kind of a pro tournament and it's fascinating. And I was walking over to one of the the tees and John Daly and his caddy came up on a cart and I asked him and he gave me his autograph and I thought that was really nice because everybody gets a kick out of him," David Fitzgerald said.
And this year, everybody seems to agree, the weather has made all the difference in the attendance and experience at the course.

"Well, I walked out of the house twice to come to it last year and both times I just turned around and went back in the house. So this year, since we had a little wind and everything and I'm tickled to death I came out," Fitzgerald said.

"Me and my son come on Thursday and Saturday and it was so hot it took us a day to recover from the heat, so we went two days out of four last year," Dallas Mehne said.
With nice weather and much cooler temps than the triple digits we saw last year, officials said there's no comparison.  Tournament Director, Becky Kasha said more than 2,000 golf patrons attended the tournament Friday at Victoria National.

"The people are just enjoying and walking around laughing, smiling, having fun. It was good golf last year too, but the spectator experience last year is just nothing like it's been this year," Kasha said.
She said last year, they saw 8,000-10,000 people, and expect higher numbers this year.  Kasha said there's still plenty of good golf to be played this weekend, so we'll just have to see how the numbers add up. 

Tournament officials said they expect to see between 3,500-4,000 people Saturday.

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