Every day, Your Weather Authority works to keep you and your family safe, protected, and informed, and the winter months are no exception.  The weather can quickly change, and Your Weather Authority is here to provide you with the most up to date and accurate forecast, so you know what to expect as you’re heading out the door in the morning to settling in for the evening.

Snowfall and ice amounts can quickly change, and vary per weather model. That is why Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart, Ron Rhodes, Joe Bird, Stacey May, and Jason Lindsey work together to handmake a forecast specific to the Tri-State. Your Weather Authority is always working behind the scenes, discussing plans of action to bring you the latest information on air and online.

Before winter weather hits, it’s it extremely important to be prepared. That is why our team of five meteorologists  have come together to provide you with safety tips to make sure you are ready for whatever elements mother nature brings to the home we call the Tri-State.

— Joe Bird

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Eyewitness News Your Weather Authority wants you to get Winter Wise.

Watch Wayne's Winter Weather Outlook and then click on the videos below to learn tips to keep you and your family safe from winter weather this season.

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