A Always Moving Tree Service

A Always Moving Tree Service is licensed in Indiana and Kentucky and can assist you with all of your Tree needs.  Call 24 Hours a day! 270-855-9735

Services Offered

Storm Response/Hazard Response
Has a tree fallen on your house and you need it removed quickly?  Our 24 hour fast Storm Response Team will come remove the hazard as well as help to cover the demaged area of your home to help reduce additional demage.  We can also work with you to remove potential hazards before the next storm to reduce potential demage. Give us a call to learn more.

Tree Health Assessment
Strong healthy trees are beautiful parts of nature.  However, when a tree's health begins to decline, not only will it become visually unappealing, it also may become a safety hazard.

Tree Removal

There is more to tree removal than you may think.  Being aware of different hazareds such as power lines,  and working in spaces near homes or buildings.  It is important to have a professional removing the tree to keep everyone safe.

Tree Trimming
Proper tree trimming can extend the life of your trees, incease curb apeal, and helps to remove potential dangers from your trees.  Trees with dead or dying branches pose a risk if they are to fall from the tree.

Stump Grinding 
Stump Grinding is a non-invasive procedure that will not affect surrounding plants.  There are many benefits to stump grinding.  Not only does it make the area more aesthetically pleasing, it also eliminates a potential home for termites and other pests including harmful fungus. The area remaining after stump grinding is also soil to replant in.  Call us for our competitive pricing.

Chipping Services


Contact us today and let us assist you with all of your tree service needs.