When an emergency strikes, she’s the one who answers.

In this week’s Behind the Badge, Greg Parker introduces us to Vanderburgh County 9-1-1 Dispatcher Allison Cochrane.

In the case of an Emergency, before you ever hear the sirens or speak with the authorities, you’ll talk to someone like Allison.

For four years, Allison has been answering emergency calls at vanderburgh county central dispatch and relaying those messages of distress.

“I like the aspect of helping people,” says Allison. “That first person, the first call. The adrenaline, I guess. You know, you never know what you’re going to get when you answer the phone.”

Allison says everyday there are numerous calls all with different emergency situations.

Some more simple; some more challenging.

“Calls where you know that someone has been seriously injured or it’s a family member that’s witnessed something horrific to their family member. Those are always hard to take. Hard to deal with. You try to give them support and keep them calm, and ecouragement, while getting the information at need.

Once Allison puts down the head-set, she’s more than happy to pick up her one year old daughter.

Allison says being a new mom is a huge blessing. She even says it’s helped her in her professional life.

“Defnitely brought patience. I’ve learned that, you know, not everything goes the way you want it to go, it it’s going to go. You just kind of have to take things as it comes.”

And when emergencies strike, Allison says she’s just happy she’s able to help.

“I can’t be on the streets or be in the ambulance, or the firetruck, so for me, this is, like you said, the first phone call, the first person they speak to. So i find a lot of satisfaction in that.”

And so we salute allison cochrane for serving our community behind the badge.

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