They’re two Life-Flight nurses who literally go above and beyond to serve our community.

“Once you get that call,” said Amanda Fox, “your adreneline kicks in. You’re ready to go for that flight. A lot of times we don’t know what it is.”

“You get up in the aircraft,” said Diana Kaiser, “and it’s you and your partner deciding how to care for this patient and what needs to be done and doing it.”

When partners Amanda Fox and Diana Kaiser get the call, they know it’s because something serious has happened.

“We’re not generally called for just anybody,” said Fox. “When we’re called, they’re very sick, critically injured, needing to get a higher level of care, a higher skill set. They need to have someone intervene at that point.”

Fox and Kaiser both agree, the only constant in their line of work is that it’s always unpredictable. But what keeps them putting the flight suit back on day in and day out are the moments wherethey see they’ve made a difference.

“Seeing that patient that you picked up off the side of the road walk out of the hospital,” said Kaiser, “it’s an absolutely amazing feeling. It truly is.”

And when the day is done, Fox and Kaiser are hard at work fulfilling the duties of another job that’s just as unpredictable. They’re both mothers. Although they both say their children serve as inspiration and motivation, working the overnight shift in a medical helicopter can be somewhat challenging.

“You get to miss a lot of things,” said Fox, “holidays, kids actvities, and things like that.”

Another challenge, Kaiser says, is turning off the nurse mode at home and trying not to be too overprotective.

“You see the freak mishaps and the accidents that unfortunately happen no matter how well a child is supervised or no matter how well things are going,” said Kaiser. “You have to be able to turn that off and let your child be a child.”

But when the time comes to put the flight suit back on and leave loved ones behind, Fox and Kaiser says there’s peace know they’re serving with others they truly care about.

“Being 12 of us here, we are a family in itself,” said Fox. “We build relationships, trust, we get to go out to dinner together, get to know each other’s kids. We really, truly are another family here as well, and that makes it a lot better for me.”

And so, we salute Amanda Fox and Diana Kaiser for serving our community behind the badge.