In just three years, Brad Simpson has gone from working on vehicles – to working in them.
While making a living in the service department of a car dealership, he says he felt a calling to do something bigger –
        “I wanted something more career feeling, something that I was giving back, you know, to the community, to other people. Serving a purpose than just going to work everyday.”
The decision to become a paramedic wasn’t difficult for Simpson. In fact, he jokes that working in healthcare is akin to working in a family business.
His stepmother was a 40 year employee of St. Mary’s, his sister is a paramedic and both his wife and mother-in-law are registered nurses.
But it’s his wife, he calls, his biggest supporter.
        “We’re a good team. We try to help each other out. We know when the other one has had a bad day and we try to put on a happy face if we had a bad day just to make them better.”
As healthcare workers, Brad says he and his wife are always working around the clock. Routines change, schedules shift – holidays, birthdays, and other family events are sometimes missed.

It’s a sacrifice, Brad says. Especially when there are two young kids at home.
        “It is tough. Not being able to be there but they understand, you know they understand that there’s other people out there that need us there more than they need us there on those certain days.”
To Simpson, it’s all about making a difference in the community. And though he gives a lot of credit to his supportive family he also gives credit to his work family.
        “There are a lot of very good paramedics and EMT’s here that work very hard and that definitely make a difference in the community I believe.”
So we salute Brad Simpson for serving our community – Behind the Badge.