For 17 years, he’s been serving his community with the Central City Police Department.

In Behind the Badge, Eyewitness News’ Greg Parker introduces us to Officer Mike Garrett.

For nearly two decades, Officer Mike Garrett has been patrolling the streets of his western Kentucky hometown.

“When you first get into this job when you’re a rookie, you think you’re going to singlehandedly save the world and then you quickly realize that you’re part of a big team and that sometimes we can make a positive influence in people’s lives. And that’s what it’s worth to me,” said Central City Police Officer Mike Garrett.

What’s just as important to Officer Garrett is the important mantra he’s maintained since his first days on the force.

“I believe in ‘do unto others as you want done to yourself.’ That’s how I was raised. Treat people with respect and you treat people how you want to be treated.”

And when the badge comes off for the remainder of the day, Officer Garrett says he enjoys time being active and time just relaxing.

“I’m a big kid at heart, I guess. I still play video games. But for the most part, I spend time with my family. I have children that I absolutely adore and I spend all the time with them that I can.”

But when it’s time to be back with his work family, Officer Garrett says interacting with the community is one of his favorite activities as an officer.

Especially when community members take time to thank officers for their hard work and dedication.

“That makes you feel good, you know, when you’re recognized, not just as an individual but as a whole, the police work as a whole is appreciated by the public, because we do appreciate that.”

And so we salute Officer Mike Garrett for serving our community Behind the Badge.