Cash for the Holiday September
• 9/28 – Jeff Ronald

Hoosier Lottery August – September
• 8/6 – Sylvia Blice Nominated Amy Lutzel

Sylvia wrote “She is a dedicated and creative high school teacher who is also involved in her children’s activities including Girl Scouts, 4H and lacrosse. She also teaches fitness classes and has an inspiring story to tell about her own fitness. She is a very kind and caring person”

• 8/11 – Kate Moore Nominated Derek Moore

Kate wrote “My husband works 70+ hours a week, being sure to keep 30+ people employed. He and his brother own a business together and he never has down time, or time for a hobby. These scratch offs could give him a small window of downtime!!!”

• 8/13 – Sandy Bitter Nominated Tracey Spaeth

Sandy wrote “At the beginning of the pandemic, knowing her father, along with so many countless others were going through cancer, she sewed hundreds of mask to mail to her fathers doctors office to use and handout to patients. This was before masks were so readily available.  She is always a bright like in everyone’s life she enters.”

• 8/18 – Donald Skaggs Nominated Steven Skaggs

Donald wrote “About a couple months ago or so me my other son and wife was sleeping outside with no place to go and I tried and tried and still trying to find a good job and my oldest son Steven Skaggs stepped in and was living in a one bedroom apartment and still opened it up to us and told us no worries until I find myself a job.He said as long as he was breathing we would never be homeless again and he’s my step son and 25 years ago he took my last name and to this day still calls me DAD.”

• 8/20 – Sandra Burkhart Nominated Beth Folz 

Sandra wrote “Head of Habitat for Humanity Evansville. She really cares about her Habitat co-workers and future home owners. She always has a smile ready and is warm and courteous to everyone. Because of her hard work she has broken records in Evansville for amounts of homes built and given Evansville national recognition because of it. Above all she facilitates to the best of her ability families getting good affordable housing which is very needed in this community.”

• 8/25 – Tina Szymanowski Nominated Dixie Springer

Tina wrote “She has been taking care of her sister and countless others have been helped by her.She is always thinking of others and never takes time for herself.”

• 8/27 -Kendra Brown Nominated Sherrie Bias

Kendra wrote “Sherrie works for Aseracare Hospice. She visits families who are experiencing the trauma of losing a loved one. Sherrie prays with the family and uses her angelic voice to to sing and share her magnificent gift of song to bring peace to the patient and family. The work she does cannot be measured in words. The joy and comfort she has brought, not only to our family but to others can never be repaid. She truly deserves this award.”

• 9/1 – Marilyn Schmett Nominated Bobbie Wright

Marilyn Wrote “Mrs. Wright is my 80 years young grandmother.  She was an essential worker for years and raised me to become a Postal Worker who gladly serves my local community like she did. She gave years and to the community and encourages me to keep serving just like she did”

• 9/3 – Lois Page Nominated Tiffany Page

Lois wrote: “Even though she has MS, she sews masks entirely by hand for anyone who needs them, never asking for payment.”

• 9/8 – Randi King Nominated Donna Bratcher

Randi Wrote : “Donna goes above and beyond and does not let her disabilities stand in her way. She serves the youth in our community, has an outstanding personality, and has compassion for all.”

• 9/10 – Melissa Mckinney Nominated Shelley Seibert

Melissa wrote “Shelley is my best friend. She helps me with whatever I need. She is always here for me no matter what. She is just a amazing friend to have an is always here for me when ever I need her an she takes me to places I need to go. She’s just awesome!”

• 9/14 – Suze littlefox Wright Nominated Maggie Paine

Suze wrote: “She works as a PTA thru Progressive rehab at Deaconess Hospital East. She has a disabled husband, therefore, is the breadwinner for her family, which includes a daughter who just began HS at Signature.”

Donut Bank Breakfast Club (October 25th 2019 – Present)
•7/18 Angela Bailey & Lillie Melton
•7/26 Lila Silbereisen & Angie Thurman
•7/23 Ron Tepe & Sheila Jackson
•7/30 Holly Talarzyk & Jerri Kilgore
•8/6 Steve Mitchell & Lindesy Gish
•8/13 Patricia Evans & Donna Yancy
•8/20 Angela Zorn & Beth Mayfield
•8/27 Sherry McQuady & Tabatha Sutton
•9/3 Sarah Casebier & Dan Dickman
•9/10 Beverly Keown & Yevette Poole
•9/17 Dawn Parks & Jonathan Myers
•9/24 April Smith & Teresa William
10/1 Jae Haymond & Chad Hayden
•10/8 Linda Henderson & Kenny Sherman
•10/15 Leta Martin & David Libbert
•10/22 Shawn Roth & Sherry Townsend
•10/29 Beth Hebbeler & Gerald Yackle

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