Confess, Fletch is a revitalization of the Fletch franchise (Fletch [1985] and Fletch Lives [1989]) led by Chevy Chase. Starring Jon Hamm as Fletch, Confess, Fletch is directed by Greg Mottola, and its plot begins with Fletch being accused of murder while he’s investigating an art theft that involves the parents of his girlfriend.

Without having seen the original films, it seems to me the premise of this version of Fletch is a mystery but what if the detective is an idiot and also a jerk. I found it difficult to get on board with “what if the Sherlock Holmes was dumb.” Such a premise takes all the fun out of wanting to solve a mystery and think along with the characters.  

Jon Hamm is charming, and he gets to stretch his comic chops. But his take on the character is so relaxed and blasé about the central mystery that the whole film feels low-stakes. The interactions with the other characters do nothing to raise Confess, Fletch’s urgency, so by the end, I was unconcerned about whether they solved the murder because they seemed so unconcerned with the dead victim.  

Ultimately, Confess, Fletch is entertaining but disposable, a uniquely forgettable film with scant laughs and some all-too-easy-going performances.