Good Luck to You, Leo Grande was released on Hulu during this summer, but the studio has started an awards-season campaign particularly for the film’s star, Emma Thompson. Directed by Sophie Hyde, Thompson stars as Nancy, an older woman who hires a sex worker, Leo Grande, played by Daryl McCormack. Over the course of four meetings, consisting primarily of only two characters, Nancy explores various elements of an unfulfilled life with the help of a kind, patient, and attractive listener.

The thesis of Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is reflected in what Nancy comes to learn about sex work: that sexuality and pleasure is fundamental to living a happy life, and sex workers can provide an important service in that journey. Though some may disagree with this viewpoint, the goal of destigmatizing sex work is presented thoroughly and intellectually. However, dramatically, by focusing so much on the thesis, the film misses some opportunities to delve deeper into the motivations and psyche of Leo Grande’s character. To be sure, this is an overall idealistic portrayal of sex work.

The highlight of course is Thompson’s performance. She oscillates between comedy and drama fluidly, creating a character with emotional depth while delivering the film’s zinger lines with aplomb. The moments when Nancy feels awkward are just as natural as the few monologues that provide dramatic depth – as though this were a full character whom we’re only seeing a slice of.

Two-handers, films with only two characters, provide filmmakers the opportunity to explore characters with a great the amount of depth, and the brilliant writing by Katy Brand and excellent acting, especially by Thompson, make Good Luck to You, Leo Grande a delightful, immersive movie.