My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is written and directed by Nia Vardalos and stars Vardalos, John Corbett, and Louis Mandylor. As you might suspect, it is the third in the Greek Wedding trilogy, and while the film was savaged by critics in its opening weekend, it is too light and inconsequential to deserve much of that ire.

The film feels more like a vacation in Greece for Vardalos and the co-stars of the previous Greek Wedding films. It is a film that is primarily about the scenery and the beautiful Grecian vistas, telling the audience how much fun these characters are having. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 would be better titled My Big Fat Greek Vacation and could just as easily have been sponsored by Greece’s tourism board.

The plot – to the extent that the film has a plot – involves the Portokalos family traveling to Greece so that Toula (Vardalos) can deliver her deceased father’s journal to his childhood friends at a family reunion. Over the course of the vacation, various minor problems pop up, and instead of any significant comedy or drama with stakes and character choices, all of their problems are solved about five minutes after they’re introduced, including more than a few unbelievable ex machinas.

The characters are all unabashedly happy and positive. Everybody smiles so much that I found myself wondering if their faces were frozen in position. There is nothing remarkable about these people, except for a non-binary character played by Melina Kotselou, Victory, who serves as the town’s mayor. That character was handled very well, particularly in a dance sequence at the end, and in a sea of smiley and winning performances, Kotselou stood out.

Overall, though, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is a bad, inconsequential romp that is bad in uninteresting and unremarkable ways. It doesn’t present anything for comedic or dramatic examination and would only satisfy the lowest of expectations.