A week long celebration of the Evansville Stromboli

Tasty Tuesday

It’s Stromboli Week in Evansville!


It’s the first ever Stromboli Week in Evansville (March 7-13, 2021), and Joe can’t wait to see what the river city has to offer. First up is Pizza King. They’re doing two of their favorite stromboli combos: Texas barbecue strom, and a hot ham and cheese strom.

Next up, Joe heads to Chaser’s Bar and Grill. He tries their west side stromboli, with smoked pork drizzled their homemade barbecue sauce, grilled bed onions and topped off with Grippos. He also tries their original stromboli.

The Evansville stromboli is different (and delicious!) from what most people consider a stromboli. So Joe also heads to Angelo’s to try out an authentic stromboli. An East Coast stromboli is actually a turnover, filled with various Italian cheeses and usually Italian cold cuts or vegetables.

To take part in Evansville Stromboli Week, you need a passport which you can get here. There are 18 stromboli deals offered at eleven locations:

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