Grab your passport, it’s time for pizza week

Tasty Tuesday

It’s Pizza Week in Evansville, and Joe is trying out the best Evansville has to offer. First up: Franco’s Italian Restaruant near Eastland Mall. Frank moved to the U.S. from Italy in 1981, and brought authentic Italian pizza from his homeland. The pizza is made with grande cheese which is made in Wisconsin. According to Frank, it’s the only cheese in the U.S. that’s low in sodium.

Then it’s on to Lombardi’s to try their taco pizza. It features their seasoned ground beef, Mexican shredded cheese, fresh made pico de gallo, and topped with sour cream. Joe also tries their margherita pizza.

Finally, Joe heads to Franklin St. Pizza Factory. Joe tries a flatbread gyro. To make this dish, they start out with an olive oil base, add a pinch of pepper, a little bit of salt, then they add the gyro meat, add a little bit of fetta cheese, then they throw it in the oven. When it comes out, they add the fresh veggies.

Evansville Pizza Week begins on January 10 and continues through January 16. You can get a passport for pizza week on their website.
Participating locations include:

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