What’s between the buns at Hoosier Burger Company?

Tasty Tuesday


Joe heads to Hoosier Burger Company on Green River Road in Evansville. First up, he tries a ‘cheese double cheese fully dressed.’ It comes with lettuce, tomato, Hoosier sauce, pickle, onions and peppering. The burger also comes with Hoosier fries on the side, which are topped with Hoosier sauce, onions, and melted shredded cheese. Hoosier sauce is similar to Thousand Island, but with a sweeter taste.

Next up Joe tries a ‘chop cheese,’ which is similar to a Philly sandwich. It’s a chopped up hamburger patty with grilled pepperoncinis, grilled onions, Hoosier sauce and tomato. Of course, they serve more than burgers. So Joe tries their butter pecan milkshake.

Finally, Joe tries their Hoosier tenderloin sandwich. It comes with breaded tenderloin, pickles, onions, and a smoky mayo. The smoky mayo is made with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce, Grippos seasoning, mayo and the secret ingredient. Unlike most tenderloin sandwiches, this one actually fits on the bun. And for dessert, orange dreamsicle ice cream.

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