Julie’s Drive Thru offers inspiration as well as healthy food options

Tasty Tuesday


Joe visits Julie’s Drive Thru in Tell City. First up he tries their protein fruit smoothie. It’s make with milk, yogurt, fruit and protein. Then he tries a spinach wrap with grilled chicken, lettuce, and cheese. Comes with a side of honey mustard or ranch. Each drink comes with an inspiration sticker.

Then Joe tries their yogurt parfait with strawberry topping. You can add granola if you choose. He also tries a cold foam latte. The flavor is a Samoa Girl Scout cookie. Joe also tries their “cro-nut,” which is a donut made out of a croissant.

Next up is their chef’s salad. It comes with ham, tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers and egg. Joe also tries their power bar, it’s similar to a no-bake granola bar. He also tries their lotus energy drink.

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