Love is the secret ingredient at the Lakeview Inn

Tasty Tuesday


Joe got a tip to try out the pizza at Lakeview Inn in Chandler, IN, so that’s where he’s taking us in this week’s Tasty Tuesday. Lakeview Inn is located at 515 West Washington Street.

Joe’s pizza was topped with pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. More meat and onions are hidden under the cheese. Peggy Sue says they’re known for their pizza because it’s made with love.

Next Joe tried the hot ham and cheese, and it comes with lots and lots of cheese. The bun is buttered with garlic butter on both sides before being toasted, and it’s served with a pickle.

And then Joe got to try this huge breakfast burrito smothered in sausage gravy, called the Marilyn. The gravy is made fresh every morning. Under all that gravy, you’ll find scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, bacon, sausage and hash browns rolled up in a tortilla.

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