Tracking the coronavirus outbreak is tricky. Each state (and even counties and health departments within states) are not always reporting the same kinds of information at the same time. These maps are our best approximations of what is going on in the Tri-State.

Tri-State Spread

This map highlights the total number of cases per 1,000. The total number of cases in a county is divided by the county population and multiplied by 1,000. If you hover your mouse over an individual county, it will show the total number of cases, total deaths, and cases per 1,000 for that county.


Tracking New Cases

Eyewitness News has been tracking new cases since the first case was reported in our area. We have been collecting the data from the Indiana State Health Department, Illinois Department of Health, Green River District Health Department, and other local health departments.

Deaths in the Tri-State

The vast majority of those who ultimately die from COVID-19 (more than 90%) usually have at least one underlying chronic condition, such as diabetes, hypertension, or lung disease.

While the graph below reflects the total number of coronavirus-related deaths reported by the State of Indiana and local health departments, it’s probable that some deaths have gone unreported, while others could be indirectly related to the pandemic like people not seeking care at a hospital for fear of the disease.

In the month of December alone, 320 Tri-Staters died from COVID-related diseases. That's more than the first eight months of the pandemic, between March 19 and September 30.

Coronavirus Resources from the CDC