As a parent, it can be a daunting task to navigate the ever-changing and expanding online technology landscape. Keeping up with the latest popular apps, trends, and gadgets can be overwhelming. With all of today’s various tech devices, the world is at the tap of a screen or the push of a button 24/7 and our kids often have it as their primary form of entertainment and communication.

They can access a variety of content and communicate with people around the globe all with a device that fits in the palm of their hands. But with these new technologies comes new concerns and parents need to know about them. From online predators to cyberbullying and the ability to send graphic photos to hundreds of people, there are some dangerous viral trends out there. Do you and/or your children need help understanding all that’s in the cyber world? Cybersafe Parent is here to help.

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Research released by the Internet Crimes Against Children (CAC) revealed shocking statistics on internet use by children. The most alarming statistics show how exposed and vulnerable children are online. 2016 research illustrates the threat has grown.

The Internet has become a necessary part of life. And why not? There is a lot of great information to be had there. It's like the Netsmartz Video Julie's Journey, which says: "It's a tool that has to be used properly." Turning your child loose on the Internet without any guidance or instruction is like giving them the keys to your car and never giving them a driving lesson. They could figure it out; but at what cost? Sometimes, it is at the cost of their life. There are some tips that are important measures to help protect your child. 

  1. Put the computer in a common area
  2. Supervise your children's computer usage 
  3. Children should never give out personal information on the Internet
  4. Don't trust everything on the Internet
  5. Become familiar with the lingo
  6. Have clearly defined Internet Rules
  7. Be in control of your internet
  8. Know the web sites
  9. Talk frankly with the kids
  10. Be involved​​​​​