What’s at Stake in Tuesday’s Elections?

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Voters in five states are heading to the polls Tuesday.

Republicans have 358 delegates up for grabs and Democrats have 691 delegates at stake.

Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Florida, and North Carolina are all heading to the polls.

Frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will each be looking to expand their leads over their opponents.

Republicans Marco Rubio and John Kasich will be looking for strong performances in their home states of Florida and Ohio.

Both of those states assign Republican delegates in a winner-take-all fashion – meaning the winner receives all the delegates.

Each state has different rules concerning who is allowed to vote and each party has different rules governing how delegates are assigned to each candidate.

Illinois is an open primary with 69 Republican delegates.

The Illinois Republican delegates are assigned in a mostly winner-take-all system.

The winner of the state vote overall gets pledged a certain amount of delegates and then each congressional district gets a delegate pledged to the candidate receiving the most votes in that district.

Illinois has 156 Democratic delegates which are assigned proportionally.

Democratic primary races are always done proportionally while Republican races occurring after March 15 are allowed to set their own rules for delegate allocation.

Missouri’s Republican race has similar rules to Illinois, but if a candidate receives a majority of the vote, they receive all the delegates regardless of how each congressional district votes.

North Carolina’s Republican contests assigns delegates proportionally.

Republican Delegates at Stake
Illinois – 69 – Winner-take-most
Missouri – 52 – Winner-take-most (winner-take-all if majority reached)
Florida – 99 – Winner-take-all
Ohio – 66 – Winner-take-all
North Carolina – 72 – Proportional

Democratic Delegates at Stake (All Proportional)
Illinois – 156
Missouri – 71
Florida – 214
Ohio – 143
North Carolina – 107

Current Republican Delegate Totals (1,237 Needed to Win)
Donald Trump – 471
Ted Cruz – 371
Marco Rubio – 165
John Kasich – 63
Unbound – 12

Democratic Delegate Totals (2,383 Needed to Win)*
Hillary Clinton – 772 pledged, 472 superdelegates = 1,244
Bernie Sanders – 551 pledged, 23 superdelegates = 574

* = Pledged delegates are won in state primaries and caucuses. Superdelegates are Democratic Party leaders or elected officials. They are able to support any candidate at the convention regardless of the outcomes of state elections.

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