Controversial Campaign Poster “Unfortunate”

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The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party chairman says a controversial campaign sign posted on its booth at the Fall Festival was an unfortunate circumstance.

The pro-Gail Riecken sign blamed Republicans for a number of controversies and scandals dating back to the early 1900’s including the Great Depression, McCarthyism and the rise of ISIS.
Party officials say the Riecken campaign has distanced itself from the poster, saying it was created and posted without their knowledge or permission.
While unfortunate, Democratic Party Chairman, Rob Faulkner, says it’s rare to have a campaign volunteer go rogue –

“It’s not very frequent. This is the first time since I’ve been involved with politics that something like this has happened. It doesn’t really happen very often. When it happens, it makes you scratch your head but it doesn’t happen very often.”

The sign has since been removed from the Young Democrats booth at the Fall Festival.

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