WalletHub takes a look at the numbers behind the Oscars.

The film industry has come a long way from the days of black and white, yet as the outcry over the 2016 Academy Award nominations illustrate, equality remains a work in progress in the minds of many. But between the amazing films that were snubbed and the great ones still vying for a coveted gold statue, it’s certainly been a wonderful year of movies.

We laughed. We cried. And we spent a lot of money: roughly $11 billion at the box office and at least another $1.5 billion on demand in 2015. We weren’t alone, either, as 23 movies released in 2015 had a production budget of at least $100 million. You also have to consider the $100 million or so that Hollywood spends to lobby voters each awards season, which just goes to show how financially beneficial an Oscar win can be for studios, actors, directors and more.

If you haven’t yet seen some of the year’s top flicks, now’s the time to get your binge on. Just make sure to come up for air long enough to check out this awesome Academy Awards By The Numbers report. WalletHub analyzed the event from top to bottom in search of the most interesting factoids to foster your Oscars spirit, which you can find in the fun infographic below.