Every Day Heroes: Lisa Vaughan

Every Day Heroes

She’s the heart and the face of Feed Evansville, a food distribution program for those in need. Lisa Vaughan is making sure the Evansville community is fed.

“I put about 60 hours a week into volunteering whether it’s through Feed Evansville or other non-profits that I am in involed with in town.”

Vaughan helped found and organize Feed Evansville right as the pandemic took hold, helping families who never needed assistance before.

“Everyday I’ve been delivering food in some way shape or form or packing boxes or making bags or doing paperwork or something of that sorts.”

Thousands of people are helped each week, with boxes of fresh produce and dairy products. But her work goes beyond the food boxes. She also works with the mayor’s office and city council.

“I’m doing what everybody does, everybody is walking their life with somebody and everybody is providing love and support to somebody on a daily basis, and that’s what were all here to do.”

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