(WEHT) – This is not a story about an accident.

This is not a story about a disability.

“I live every single day with a thought in the back of my mind to help open doors for others.

This is a memoir of a boy named Ben crossing the threshold into manhood as fate intervened.

“Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed interacting with others. Meeting new people, being in front of a camera and making people laugh.”

After being with Ben Trockman, after meeting him, you look past the wheelchair. He had to do it with determination, but he looks to his father, Judge Wayne Trockman and his mother, Jill, as his key to success.

“My mom keeps me going everyday with her support and her spirit. And my father drives me intellectually to continue pushing for more.”

After the motocross accident at the age of 17, Ben’s first mission was to take it a day at a time. He worked hard to graduate from Harrison High School and the University of Southern Indiana. Then he really took off.

“I realized that connecting with people and connecting people to others networking, building confidence in others was one thing that I was pretty good at doing.”

He is a visionary for those who need a voice, Ben ran for Evansville City Council and won. He earlier went to work at Old National Bank, with his top priority getting local businesses and groups to change their demeanor on a person’s value. He had a list of priorities.

“Whether it’s employment opportunities, accessible airlines for individuals in wheelchairs, raising money for not-for-profits, or doing good for our city, there’s always room for improvement.”

Ben is now 33-years-old, and after a very successful career at ONB, he’s meeting a new challenge. Now the project manager for Change for Balance. Its mission, to provide inclusion for all. For Ben to win, you need your own determination, but cannot do it alone.

“I think that’s really why I am so community focused, because it takes a community to be successful.”

“I certainly don’t consider myself a hero, I think I’m a jokester, maybe I would go with ‘Trailblazer'”

Ben Trockman may be selling himself short. He faced tough odds and won. Thinking of others first and changing lives, Ben is an Everyday Hoosier Hero in our book.