Everyday Heroes: Jennie Hiam

Every Day Heroes

Jennie Hiam knows the problem all too well – she sees it on the streets of Evansville everyday.

“I could see the importance of reaching out and touching people’s lives and it says that in the bible, in Matthew 25 it’s very clear that Jesus wants us to reach out and touch people’s lives.”

Hiam is a member of Aldersgate United Methodist Church where she heads a ministry named “Unto the Least of These,” a mission devoted to helping the homeless.

She started a little over a year ago, giving homeless people everything from blankets to toothpaste.

“The homeless may seem to some people maybe dirty and you just don’t have anything to do with them, or pay attention to them, but I think by now we have a lot of friends in the homeless population.”

Hiam spends her Mondays and Thursdays making life long connections –

“Anytime that I know, ‘oh, we’re not going today’ or ‘today it’s raining,’ you know, I’m kind of down about it because, you know, I really do what to do that and see the need.”

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