Everyday Heroes: Kim Gentry

Every Day Heroes

Kim Gentry has fostered older rescue dogs for It Takes a Village since 2012 and she says it never gets any easier.

“Whenever it’s tough letting them go, we talk about quality of life and that’s usually what makes the decision that it’s time to let a dog go.”

She helps those dogs live out their golden years, when no one else would. Oftentimes, she gives space at her three acre property near Boonville to make sure no dog goes without a home.

“You’re excited. You don’t know what personality the dog is going to bring to your home. I have shed tears on days I’ve let them go, either to their new home or if they have to go to the rainbow bridge.”

She’s fostered dozens of dogs over the years, and each dog teaches her a new meaning. One that she says has changed her life and theirs too.

“It just has such far reaching effects, you’re not just helping your dog, you’re helping others have a place for them.”

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