EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Throughout the month of May, Eyewitness News is honoring Everyday Heroes with Hoosier Lottery.

The focus is highlighting Indiana residents making a difference in their community through a variety of ways.

Meet Leigh Perry, a servant leader with a heart to champion and elevate the Evansville community.

“It’s about helping people make connections,” said Leigh Perry.

When Leigh Perry isn’t working for LegalShield and IDShield…you can find her throughout Evansville serving the community and networking.

“I get such a charge out of you tell me that you need somebody that is a life coach or somebody who does landscaping and I got a gal or I got a guy and I help you make that connection and it helps improve your life,” said Perry.

Through her job, Perry created a monthly luncheon for women called Wild Women ladies of Justice.

“A little bit of personal development so everybody has some sort of take home,” said Perry. “You know there are a lot of networking groups. But one of the things we wanted to do a little bit differently because women don’t have a lot of time to step back and take care of themselves is say alright here’s a safe space for you to you know learn about how to budget better.”

As Wild Women grew in popularity, the ladies involved wanted more. So a weekly hour long networking session called Coffee Talk was born.

“Completely open networking for women,” said Perry. “And it’s really about sharing who we are, what we do, what we are looking for as far as referrals what good customers are. So it helps us build our sales force.”

Perry’s goals with both groups include growing the Evansville business community but also empowering women.

“A sense of community of women that support each other,” said Perry. “And we joke that if you’re the kind of woman that that will straighten another’s crown and not brag about it, you’ll fit right in.”

Perry has also served over the years as leader within several Rotary clubs across the country, a humanitarian organization.

A few years ago, leigh teamed up with a group of women in Evansville to hold Rotary meetings at night to accommodate schedules.

“It just kept growing and in the midst of the pandemic, we were able to charter a club with 30 women and men who really believe in service above self,” said Perry.

As Evansville rotary at night grows, along with her networking groups, Leigh hopes to build a community in Evansville full of inspiring leaders.

“The coolest thing about Evansville is that you can get involved and make a difference where your zone of excellence and your zone of brilliance is. and you can make this the kind of awesome place you want it to be.”