Crews Clean Franklin Following Fall Fest

Fall Festival

The West Side Nut Club says it’s been a record breaking year for the Fall Fest. But cleaning up that up after the festival, is quite a process. It takes the West Side Nut Club two days to set up for the annual Fall Festival. Officials say cleaning up Franklin Street takes six hours. 

West Franklin Street was filled with trash on Sunday morning. But later that afternoon, it all disappeared. 

“Somewhere between 400 and 500 people are out here on the street helping,” West Side Nut Club Clean Up Chairman Jeremy Melton said. “That’s why we can get it done in six hours.”

Clean up began early on Sunday. But that didn’t phase these West Side Nut Club members. They’re making sure Franklin Street and the rest of the neighborhood get clean.

“Not only are we picking up trash on Franklin Street, but we are picking up trash on the Lloyd Expressway all the way to Delaware Street, which is two blocks south and two blocks north of Franklin Street,” Melton said.

Members were divided into groups. They each had different tasks. Those tasks included: taking down the temporary electrical lines, putting up street signs, planting flowers and mums in the median, washing and sweeping the street and of course, picking up all the trash.

Alongside the 300 West Side Nut Club members, there were 25 members of Troop 397.

“The merchants and the people that live around here put up with the Fall Festival year after year and I think its important for us to help come and clean up,” Troop 397 Committee Member Dave Irick said. “Especially for the scouts to show good service to the community.”

One of those surrounding homeowners on West Michigan Street is Allan Swan. He says he looks forward to this day every year.

“I think it’s the best day of the year because the Fall Festival is leaving,” Swan said. “I like to see them come because they do good, but I love to see them go.”

The clean up takes some hard work. But to the members of the West Side Nut Club, it’s all worth while.

The West Side Nut Club says they give back almost $250,000 to the community from Fall Festival every year. The money goes to surrounding schools, local churches and organizations like Easter Seals and Wish Upon A Star.

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