EVANSVILLE, In (WEHT) – The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival has over 130 food stands this year for visitors to choose their favorite festival fix. However, there is one stand that is as unique as it is iconic.

Down at the end of the line of stands, you will find one that serves a pork brain sandwich.

Debbie Russell, one of the ladies running the stand, states this sandwich goes back at least 65 years.

While never having a sandwich herself, she gives some insight to the taste.

“Someone said the consistency is a tenderloin/meatloaf,” she said. “We deep fry it, so it is crispy and whatever people like on a tenderloin sandwich is what they put on it.”

Russell commented on the long lines to get one, and there is a reason one might have to wait up to two hours to get one.

“This is the most popular booth,” she said, “It is the only one that serves brains. There used to be another one, but they couldn’t get enough help. People come every year, and some will wait from 7:30 a.m. to get in line.”

Despite it, all is for a good cause.

“Our main function is the Nile Patrol Brain Booth, and our main fundraising is for the Shriners Hospital,” said Russell.

The booth is one of the first ones at the end of the line, listed as #4. The festival goes until October 7, Saturday evening.