Baha Men taste a sample of Owensboro BBQ before Friday After 5

Friday after 5

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – It’s going to be a big start to this Friday After 5 season as the Baha Men take to the big stage.

But earlier today, they were taking some big bites from some local favorites.

If you’ve been on vacation out of town, you may have wanted to experience what some locals like to eat. The Baha Men got taste test some favorites from two of the most recognizable names in the city.

Everybody has their favorite foods. The group found out what ribs, mutton and other things from Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn and Old Hickory taste like after hearing about them, sitting down at the picnic table several hours before they take the stage.

“I wanted to try the bar-b-q and I would not have felt as though I was in Kentucky without trying the bar-b-q,” said Dyson Knight of the Baha Men.

Friday After 5 organizers say they set up the taste test as a way for them to get to know the local cuisine. Band members say steak and other items are on their road menu on top of the fish and chicken some members prefer. After tasting what the two Owensboro restaurants had to offer, they rendered their verdict.

“They both tasted really well to me. I tried them all. I was really amazed by the spiciness and the flavor,” said Patrick Carey.

“It’s really hard to decide and the reason for me saying that it was just that good,” added Isaiah Taylor.

“Moonlite’s mac and cheese has a depth of flavor that’s superior. Also, the sauce is a bit more fun. However, Old Hickory melted in my mouth. The beef strip and the rib that I tasted, absolutely delicious,” says Knight.

Some other members say it was a close call deciding whether they preferred Moonlite or Old Hickory, but a few did prefer one restaurant’s bar-b-q to the other.

(This story was originally published on May 21, 2021)

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