First Wall is Up at Eyewitness News’ Habitat House

Habitat For Humanity

The very first wall is up at the Eyewitness News Habitat for Humanity House.

In Wednesday night’s Habitat story, Eyewitness News’ Greg Parker tells us why one Core Crew member says this house may be one of the greatest Habitat builds.

Over the years, Habitat has built many homes and everyone has a story to share.

But we spoke with one crew member who tells us this project stands out from the rest.

As Habitat looks forward to its 500th home in the year 2018, there’s something unique about the home.

Earlier Wednesday, the walls went up but it’s who will be living within them that makes this build so special.

Core Crew member Don Gillies says, “If you look at Randy, it’s unbelievable that that young man has done what he’s done and is doing what he’s doing.”

We introduced you to Randy Holmes in last week’s Habitat story.

Randy is visually impaired and extremely hard-of-hearing.

But Gillies says Randy’s positive attitude makes this build stand out.

“He has put his DNA in this house like nobody I’ve ever seen through others and by himself. He is an emotional uplift to all of us. Believe me,” Gillies says.

As crews lift the walls, Randy is lifting spirits – which is something volunteers and Core Crew members alike will never forget.

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