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Hoping for a Miracle
I was SO excited this morning but a lot more nervous than I thought I would be. I wasn’t even this nervous for the egg retrieval. 
Of course, there was no sleeping in for me today. I woke up, cleaned the house a little bit before heading off to my final acupuncture appointment. Even though I was nervous, I had a calm over me. While I laid there with tiny needles placed throughout my body, I couldn’t help but to speak with God about this whole experience.
I prayed that He work a miracle within me. That He finally allow us to be parents. That He grant us peace, faith and hope to give everything to Him. I also had to pray that if His will is not for us to be parents right now, that He allow us to trust Him in that decision. 
I think what I fear the most is that God’s plan for us is different then what we want.
Shortly after I got home from acupuncture, Marc and his parents showed up and we were off to the hospital. The only thing I could think about the entire way to the hospital was how badly I needed to pee! I had to drink  48-64 ounces of water an hour before heading to the hospital. They had me fill my bladder because ultrasound waves travel better through water. 
My mom was waiting for us at the hospital. We didn’t have to sit in the waiting room for very long. Before I knew it, they were calling my name to come back and start getting prepped. 
I knew this procedure would be a lot different then my egg retrieval but I didn’t realize that it was going to be so easy! I went back to a room, slipped by yoga pants off and put on a robe. Marc, John and Shelley got dressed in their scrubs so they could come back to the operating room with me. Dr. Griffin came in and explained the procedure to us then we were on our way. 
We followed him back to the room. This time it was darker, with minimal lights on and soft music playing over the speakers.  It made for a nice, relaxing environment.  
I lay back on the table. The TV behind us had a picture of our two tiny embryos, labeled with our names on them to insure we were getting the right babies! I put my legs into the holsters on the bed and Dr. Griffin began to get everything into place. 
I really thought that I was going to be so emotional at this moment – I mean, it is the moment that I have been waiting for you for after six years – getting pregnant. It was actually the complete opposite. All I could think about was not releasing my bladder all over my doctor! I have never felt so much pressure in my life! 
A few minutes after everything was in place, Tracy came in with both embryos in a syringe. We got to watch them enter my uterus on the screen where their picture had just sat. It was amazing. Before we knew it, there was a little white flash on the screen – that was my embryos. I was officially “pregnant until proven otherwise”.
Within 30 seconds, I was up and running to the bathroom. Everything was done. 
Now the dreaded two week wait begins…

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