Hoping for a Miracle Part 5: The First Ultrasound


In March, we brought you the story of our own Eyewitness News photographer, Ashley Matulis, who, after 6 years of infertility drugs and treatment, turned to invitro fertilization to have a baby with her husband Marc. When we left Ashley, she had just learned the procedure worked, but that’s just the beginning.

A new set of nerves takes over Ashley Matulis as she settles in to get her first ultrasound since learning, after years of failed attempts, she is pregnant. Just wanting, needing, to hear that heartbeat–an assurance that all is well. But, wait for it. There’s two. That’s right, not one baby, but two!

“I couldn’t help but cry,” said Ashley. “You wait so long and then, finally pregnant, great and then have two. We’re excited!  Blessed for sure.”

And so it begins. The pregnancy experience Ashley has always yearned for is here.

Ashley said, “It feels like you think it does. You feel the way you thought you’d feel. People say ‘Oh, you’re glowing.’ or ‘We can see your bump.’  All exactly what you think it would be.”

But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

“I got sick at about 6 weeks,” said Ashley. “Heartburn is killing me most. I still struggle with that daily and take medication for that.”

Ashley now stays in the newsroom editing our stories. No longer able to work as a photographer; as she’s not allowed to lift more than 20 pounds.

“Yes, it’s hard on your body,“ said Ashley. “It’s an emotional wreck, everything else, but in the end all worth it because everything you’ve been waiting for is here,” said Ashley.

Daddy Marc is on hand today to help turn the office room into a nursery. A man of few words, Marc says he is excited about the upcoming bundles of joy–especially after all the years of drugs, treatments, procedures, hormones, and mood swings Ashley has gone through just for the couple to conceive.
Despite Ashley’s difficulty to conceive, she is not considered high risk. At least not yet.

“I don’t want to say weight has been lifted just yet,” said Ashley. “It’ll be lifted when they put the babies on me, and they’re here, and they’re fine. But it’s a lot different. Life is a lot better, You can breathe easier.”

But her obstetrician-gynecologist does want to see her every two weeks. Just last week, in her most recent ultrasound, Ashley received another surprise.

“See there, that’s a boy!”

Okay, one down, but what about the other?

“And that’s a girl.”

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