Hoping for a Miracle: Waiting for Twins


Since March, Eyewitness News has followed Photographer Ashley Matulis in her quest to have a baby. After years of failed drugs, treatments, and procedures, Ashley and her husband, Marc, decided to take one last chance with in vitro fertilization (IVF). Now, eight months later, their lives are about to change forever.

Ashley is now 20 pounds heavier dealing with unrelenting  heartburn and sleepless nights, going to bathroom once an hour. But for her, having twins is Heaven.

“It is emotional,” said Ashley. “Kinda hard to grasp that they’re in there.”

After six years of the tears and disappointment of trying everything to conceive with no luck, Ashley is now one month or less away from the arrival of her two little IVF miracles.

One day, we get an up close look at the two babies. A strong heartbeat is beautifully reassuring after struggling to get pregnant, and then early concerns that sent Ashley to the high risk doctor.

“They sent me because I only gained 4 pounds,” said Ashley. “Ias 25 weeks pregnant with twins.”

Baby Bwas only weighing in at one pound, while baby A was about 2 pounds. Their tiny organs were still developing okay, so Ashley was sent home under strict orders to eat a lot.

“They just kept saying you’re gonna have tiny babies,” said Ashley.

But then another hit when Ashley failed her test for gestational diabetes. Her blood sugar levels were too high.

“Anytime you identify gestational diabetes,” said Ashley’s OB-GYN Dr. Danica Wilking, “there is a higher incidence of complications in pregnancy.”

Dr. Wilking prescribed Metformin and insisted Ashley watch her sugar and carb intake. It’s all about keeping those babies in.

“My personal goal is to keep them in there until 35 weeks,” said Ashley. “The longer they cook the better.”

After avoiding baby showers for six years, just too painful going through infertility, Ashley got to have one of her own and planned it herself to get it exactly like she always dreamed of.

“I have been blessed to be able to experience something I never thought I would experience,” said Ashley, “so I was exhausted afterward.”

Now, 34 weeks after it all began in a petri dish, the babies are both over 3 pounds and getting ready to make their grand entrance.

“We are very happy that she’s at 34 weeks,” said Dr. Wilking, “especially with twins and other issues during her pregnancy but hope she can get to term, but babies generally do well at 34 weeks.”

Over the last six years, there were many days Ashley thought this moment would never come.  And now, she’s all ready to go, just waiting and hoping for two miracles.

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