OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Since being founded in 1871, they have been creating a culture and for the last 100 years much of that culture has been created inside Rash Stadium.

For years the school would compete at numerous parks around the city, before Dr. O.W. Rash led fundraising efforts to help the Red Devils develop their own stadium.

“Our school district has had the vision and the guts and the commitment to not doing taking the easy road and maybe tearing it down and starting over and building something newer and more modern,” said Owensboro head football coach Jay Fallin. “We really appreciate the history of it matters to us and we’re willing to do what it takes to preserve it.”

Drew Hall now only suited up for Owensboro from 1990-1993 but returned to the program and now serves as the defensive coordinator.

“We always wanted to come to games here, especially elementary school kids, middle school kids,” explained coach Hall. “We use to come to games, watch them all the time. We always wanted to play at the rash stadium, just having fun, playing and get that chance to come out here and play as a as a high school kid was amazing,” coach Hall added.

For the current players they were focused ahead of Friday night of not only getting the rivalry win but also the win in front of alumni who would be at the stadium to help celebrate 100 years at Rash.

“50 years from now, I know no one’s going to really remember who won the state championship or I think they’re going to remember nights like this,” said senior player Jack Lindsey. “Like of the students, the fans, everyone that was in the crowd. Obviously, we want to win this game, but, you know, whenever we’re old and stuff like that, we’re going to remember definitely the way the community came in here and made this nice special,” Lindsey added.

For Larry Moore who suited up for Owensboro on the gridiron as a player, was a principal for the school and also helped lead the program to state championships from a coaching standpoint, he says it is always great to come back and see old teammates and friends.

“It was the fact that I was able to be a part of three state championships,” stated coach Moore. “One as an assistant, two as the head coach in 83 and 86 so those are special.”

Everyone loves home field advantage and Owensboro and their fanbase believe that speaks even more volumes when opposing teams have to come to Rash Stadium.

“This stadium is one of a kind,” explained coach Moore. “They don’t make them like this anymore. Usually the ones they’re making nowadays have the track around them and the fans set way back away here. you’re right on top of the action, so it makes it a special place to be.”