LINCOLN CITY, Ind. (WEHT) – There’s not much that can beat Friday nights at a football game. The fans are loud, the students are wild, and the game is electric. But once that clock hits zero, not many people see the nitty gritty behind the scenes.

“You go and watch a game and may not quite understand what’s trying to happen with the play or what the kids are doing,” said Heritage Hills parent Rich Krzykowski.

The morning after the game, the players and coaches break down film and see everything that went right or wrong. But at Heritage Hills, Coach Wilkerson breaks it down again for parents and fans.

“We show the previous week’s film,” said Wilkerson. “You know, I try to go through it step by step, offensively, defensively, special teams and explain to parents or members of the public what we were trying to do.”

For players, it’s a second chance to analyze their performance and hear more feedback.

“I get some feedback sometimes but coach will usually tell me what I’ve done wrong and what I need to work on,” said freshman Jett Goldsberry. “I get it from my dad a lot when he comes but I’ll get it from rick back here and just one of my family friends.”

For parents, they get to see that “maybe that call wasn’t so bad after all” or “ohhh, that’s what they mean to do.”

“The thing about football, if you call a running play and it doesn’t work, it’s easy to say oh, we should have passed that or vice versa,” added Krzykowski. “So it’s it’s good to get a good perspective of what the coaching staff is thinking and why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

And then, there’s a chance for the public to learn more about what all it takes to coordinate 11 guys all at once.

“I’ve had many people who know nothing about football who really enjoy it because they say I just thought this was a bunch of people running up in the middle of a line and running into each other,” added Wilkerson. “And now I understand that there’s some method to the madness and that’s always neat to see.”

As coach Wilkerson breaks down each play, the Quarterback Club members are welcome to chime in with questions or opinions.

“I think that transparency helps when people come and they realize I’m not a mean old football coach,” said Wilkerson. “I’m a guy who loves football and is trying to teach others about what we’re doing.”

While it’s obviously a learning experience, it’s also great for bonding between the Patriots and their supportive community.

“I just think it’s cool that we can have our fans here cheering us on even if we’ve lost or won I just think it’s cool that we have this opportunity to do this on Wednesdays,” said Goldsberry.

“You know, wherever you’re at support your kids playing their sports, cheer them on to win,” said Krzykowski. “Enjoy the ride because someday it’ll end if you got kids.”