LINCOLN CITY, Ind. (WEHT) – Quarterbacking any team is difficult with the responsibility that falls on the position’s shoulders. There’s even more expectation for those under center for Heritage Hills.

The current quarterback for the Patriots is Jett Goldsberry. Goldsberry isn’t unfamiliar with Heritage Hills football. His father, Jon, is a former Patriot and Buffalo Bill. Jon Goldsberry was a fullback in the NFL, and that’s very different from his son’s position. Even so, they both use the same trait.

“I definitely got my running genes from my dad,” said Goldsberry.

While that may be the only thing in common between the two, Jon has always taught Jett the one thing that will get many people far in life.

“I realized really quickly that you have to go through a lot of lonely workouts that other people don’t want to do,” said Jon Goldsberry.

Jon’s father, Tom Goldsberry, was also a coach for Heritage Hills. The Patriots have the families like the Goldsberry’s and other individuals like Jay Cutler and Ken Dilger. Those people have raised the expectations of the program. The current team revels in those expectations.

“I feel like knowing that we’ve had a great program in the past helps us want to win more,” said Jett Goldsberry.

The Patriot’s head coach, Todd Wilkerson, agreed.

“I think it’s all about motivation and seeing that you can work really hard and if you have the God-given skills and ability, that you have a chance to play at the next level,” said Wilkerson.

Proof that expectations have raised the level of play is apparent with another sectional championship.