TELL CITY, Ind. (WEHT) – There’s a two-headed monster in the backfield for Tell City. The Terry twins have been the one-two punch at running back for the Marksmen, that no team has had an answer for.

With them being twins, their own coach, Malin Webb, can’t tell the difference between them at times.

“I still can’t tell them apart. I think our statistician has put down the other one for touchdowns and yards over the other one. But we go back and look at it again on Saturday,” said Webb.

Those stats usually don’t matter to most people as long as they’re winning. But for these two, the numbers matter at home.

“After every game, we say, ‘I got more yards than you. Well you got more carries. Well I got more tackles,’ It’s very competitive,” said Landon Terry.

“The battle is who can get the highest yards per carry,” said Noah Terry.

They are also on the field together at almost all times. Whoever is not carrying the ball is blocking for the other. So even though they compete for stats, the twins still take pride in the other’s success according to their father.

“They’re in each other’s corners no matter what it is. Whether it be blocking or anything else. One brother’s success is definitely the other’s,” said Logan Terry.

Landon broke his fibula last season. Noah was there to help him in his recovery with things like spotting Landon in the weight room, while delaying his own workout with the team.

After Landon recovered, they went back to competing for everything. It’s proof that iron does sharpen iron.