OWENSBORO, KY. (WEHT) – Ever since they can remember, brothers William “Tutt” Carrico and Vince Carrico of Owensboro Catholic, have been on the football field and putting in the work to be the best. That has led both to being two of the top statistical football players in the state of Kentucky.

Vince leads the state in tackles while Tut is top three in the state on both yards and touchdowns.

“It’s all the little things. I mean, after Friday night we’re up at 8 a.m. in the morning on Saturday, going to work out going to lift in the offseason where every single day we’re either lifting or sprints,” explained Tutt.

And with hard work comes the willingness to make sure they are leaders on the field for their team.

“We come before practice day and after practice. that’s what it takes to be the best. have to have the laser focus,” stated Vince. “If you make a big play or if you drop a touchdown pass or whatever, you got to have the same level of attitude throughout the game,” he added.

Owensboro Catholic’s head coach Jason Morris says Vince is the leader of the defense and also while believes that Tutt is not only the most underrated player he has ever coached but is currently is the most underrated player in the state of Kentucky.

“Their work ethic is the best of any kids that I have ever been around,” stated Morris. “I’ve been coaching 20 years now and seen a lot of kids putting in a lot of hard work, but nothing like the Carrico boys do.”

For Tutt and Vince’s parents, Matt and Amy Carrico say it’s important to them to always give them the upmost support.

“So they’ve always been best friends and they’ve always had a good nature competition supporting each other and but at the same time challenging each other,” said Matt.

Of course no one is too old for a little sibling rivalry including Tutt and Vince.

“Since we came out the wound, me and him have been fighting and wrestling, trying to be the better,” said Tutt.

Their mom says the pair even had a few nicknames while growing up.

“On the football field, we used to call them thunder and lightning,” Amy says. “Vince would go up the middle, he was the thunder and then Tutt would go up the sides and be the track star,” she added. “We also used to call it a Carrico sandwich. like they would just be able to have a lot of chemistry.”

Through all the hard work they have put in to get to where they are today, they both believe it makes things so much easier when they have each other to lean and depend on.

“We can always talk things through like, oh yeah, we’ll be at home, we’ll be just chillin and I’ll be watching film and I’ll have a question and normally he can answer,” explained Tutt.

Their parents make sure to always remind them whatever you put in, you will get out and to approach life in the same way.

“We do try to remind them that their talents are a gift and how hard they work, what they put into it, is their gift back to to us and to God,” stated Amy.

And while their are already two brothers on the field for the Aces, there are two more brothers who will be looking to follow their footsteps as well.

“It really helps our relationship with a close bond just because we can go out here and compete every Friday night together,” said Vince. “Next year I’ll have my little brother that hopefully I’ll be able to do that with.”

When asked who was the better football player between Tutt and Vince, neither the parents or coach Morris would make a pick but of course Tutt and Vince both pointed to themselves. For both brothers they say the state championship is what they truly have their eyes on and they will do whatever it takes to help lead their program to its first state championship.