1 Box of Spaghetti Noodles (Not angel hair, regular size)
6 Tbsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce
6 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce (Go with the nice kind, like Lea & Perrins)
1 & 1/2 Tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 & 1/2 Tbsp Fish Sauce
1 Tsp Sesame Oil (Or less! Be very careful when measuring)
6 Minced Garlic Cloves
1 Tbsp Butter
5oz Tub of Shredded Parmesan Cheese (not the kind in the bag)
Fresh Chopped Green Onion
Protein of choice (shrimp, pork)

Boil noodles in regular water — no salt! You’ll have plenty of salt in your sauces to add the flavor. Stir often to prevent noodles from sticking to one another. Once done, thoroughly drain using a colander.

In a deep fry pan, add the butter and freshly minced garlic (none of the pre-minced in a container here!). Sautee the garlic in the butter for about 1-2 minutes, then add in all your liquid ingredients.

Add somewhat dry noodles into the simmering sauce and continue to toss with optional protein. Once protein is nearly cooked, add some cheese and mix. Do not add all cheese at once as it could clump. Continue to stir often until the sauce becomes thickened (from the cheese and evaporation) so the noodles aren’t runny.

Serve in a bowl or as a side topped with green onion.