A Healthy You: Emergency preparedness plans for special needs children

A Healthy You

Severe weather warnings are common in the spring and summer, and emergency planning for special needs children is paramount.

The CDC recommends having a written disaster care plan that can be handed out to teachers, family members, and neighbors, but your emergency kit may need to include more then just the basic water, flashlight, and batteries.

For one family caring for an 11-year-old child with autism, this included packing favorite food items, a weighted blanked and an iPad loaded with tv shows.

For nonverbal children, identifying bracelets with contact information are crucial in the unfortunate event of separation.

Practice makes perfect; rehearsing the emergency action plan can help families respond in a peaceful way to keep emotions in check when the real emergency comes.

If you are caring for a special needs child, access the CDC resources to prepare for the next storm warning.

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