A Healthy You: Post COVID-19 symptoms lead patients back to the hospital

A Healthy You

As more and more people recover from COVID-19, the CDC has found that even those with mild to moderate disease might be in for more doctors’ visits, even after recovering.

A study by the CDC showed that nearly 70 percent of people who avoided the hospital, weren’t able to avoid the doctor’s office in the six months after recovering from COVID.

Two-thirds visited for a new illness, potentially related to COVID.

But some good news – office visits are still better than severe COVID and the risks that accompany it.

If you’ve had COVID and start to experience fatigue, chest or throat pain, shortness of breath or cough – you might have Post-COVID symptoms and you’re likely not alone.

If you do go to the doctors office, be sure to tell them about your previous recovery from COVID – it could be important.

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