A Healthy You: why you may need your mask when the pandemic ends

A Healthy You

(WEHT) — The CDC updated guidance for fully vaccinated Americans – saying they didn’t need to wear a mask outdoors unless they were at a crowded event.

Masks have been mandatory in public and privates places in Massachusetts due to the COVID-19 pandemic – but what about wearing them after the pandemic is over?

Some health experts are saying people should still wear them, but is it necessary?

Health experts believe that once the majority of Americans become vaccinated that universal masking won’t be as common, but there are situations where mask wearing may help, such as for immunocompromised people who do not develop full immunity to the virus, or on public transportation, in malls, indoor crowded locations or hospitals.

After the first SARS breakout, some Asian countries normalized public mask wearing.
Data has shown that when people wear masks it significantly decreases transmission rates of COVID-19.

When the pandemic is over, COVID-19 will likely be endemic, meaning pockets of the virus will pop up, especially in places with low vaccination rates.

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