As we deal with the summer heat, many of us are spending time by the water.

But the CDC says we should be on the lookout for cyanobacteria, or “blue green algae”.

It can be found in fresh water and salt water, and is harmful when it becomes too dense or produces toxins.

People should look for foam or scum on the water’s surface, since this can be a sign of an algae bloom.

If you swim in or are near contaminated water, drink contaminated water, or eat contaminated fish you could get sick.

Doctors say you shouldn’t go in water that smells bad, looks discolored, or has dead fish or animals washed up on the shore.

And be sure to keep your pets close by, as this water can be dangerous to them too.

And lastly, check for fish advisories before eating any fish you collect and always listen to state and local guidance about contaminated water.