Vaping was once considered a gateway to quit smoking. But is it a safe alternative, or just another harmful vice?

Research out of the American Heart Association shows that vaping may lead to the same harmful effects in the blood vessels that predispose us to heart attacks and strokes.

The study compared chronic smokers and e-cigarette users, and found that despite e cigarette users being younger and having far fewer years of exposure, they still had the same long-term effects.

Researchers defined a chronic user of e cigarettes as someone who uses more than 5 times a week, while a chronic smoker as someone who smokes 5 cigarettes a day.

So even if you vape only a few times a week, you might be subject to the same risks as an everyday smoker.

The mechanisms behind vessel damage are different in smoking and vaping, so if you swap between them, maybe in an attempt to cut back on cigarettes, you may be doubling up on damage.